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Scroll down to read about our vision, values and behaviours as a company

Our Vision

To be a happy, profitable organisation to lead our industry through drive and creativity

Our focus is to be socially sustainable, with a team of developed, knowledgeable staff

With professionalism, integrity and quality we deliver our values and beliefs that the…


Our Values

Our organisation is built upon honesty, professionalism and creativity

We encourage all forms of development to gain knowledge, which gives us a sense of achievement, by challenging ourselves to improve our reputation and the environment that we work in

Our Behaviours

Teamwork: Working together to achieve our common goal 

Listen: To gain knowledge, understanding the needs of the business and customers to communicate effectively at all levels

Reliability: Agree and embrace the vision and values of Tavistock Hospitality

Flexibility: To be able to adapt and change to the needs of the business and customers

Attitude: A positive attitude towards both customers and colleagues

Development: Continually show the desire for both personal and professional development to improve yourself and the business